Photo credit: Christopher Burns

Can I Play Sports With An Ostomy Bag?

Many people with a new stoma fear that playing sport with a colostomy bag isn’t possible – but it is!

Once your doctor or surgeon has given you the go-ahead to begin exercise again, you can enjoy any sport you wish to. Your approach to playing sport may need to be adjusted slightly from how you used to play but here are some handy tips to enjoy your favourite sport with a colostomy, ostomy or ileostomy bag.

Nice And Steady Wins The Race

Even if you were a professional sports person before your stoma surgery, it is best to get back into sport and exercise slowly. Learn what ostomy bag accessories allow you to play your favourite sport most easily. Many people find that wearing a pouch belt during exercise helps. Swimmers often find that waterproof barrier rings allow them to swim more comfortably.

Half Time

You don’t want to be taking a long time emptying and cleaning your ostomy bag so using flushable ostomy bag liners will save you a lot of time. It can take a while for people with ostomy, colostomy or ileostomy bags to change and clean them but for when time isn’t on your side, having flushable colostomy bag liners will mean you can get back to doing what you love far quicker. Before you begin playing sport, simply fit the bag liner into your clean bag and then when it fills up, you simply remove and flush the bag liner and replace it with a new one.

Sports Kit

While it is unlikely you’ll need them, you will feel much more comfortable knowing that if your pouch leaks, you have a spare change of clothes to keep you feeling fresh and clean. To avoid messy leaks, you can use a product that turns colostomy bag contents into a gel-like substance. These ostomy products make emptying bags and removing ostomy bag liners much easier.

Browse our full range of colostomy, ostomy and ileostomy flushable bag liners and ostomy supplies to find products to help you enjoy sport and exercise trouble-free.

Remember to always consult your doctor or surgeon before beginning physical activity after stoma surgery. Those with an ostomy bag should also seek medical advice before considering contact sports such as rugby, football and martial arts.