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Emptying Your Ostomy Bag Away From Home

As we approach holiday season, you may be getting concerned about emptying your colostomy bag in a new place. Our colostomy bag liners can reduce this concern.

Emptying A Colostomy Bag At A Friend’s

Home is of course where you feel most comfortable emptying your ostomy, ileostomy or colostomy bag but there are products that can help you feel comfortable emptying your bag anywhere. Our flushable colostomy bag liners allow you to empty your pouch within minutes and without a mess. Simply place one of the bag liners into your clean bag and when it needs emptying you can remove it, flush it, and fit a new bag liner in. This takes out the need to clean or replace your bag while away from home.

Emptying Your Ileostomy Bag At Work

Shared office restroom cubicles don’t provide the best environment for emptying your ileostomy bag. Disabled facilities are much better for doing this. You have every right to be using these facilities so don’t feel uncomfortable to do so. Have you read our article on the stigma surrounding colostomate’s use of disabled facilities? You can check our full collection of blogs here.

Emptying An Ostomy Pouch While Traveling

Traveling is a stressful time for most people, especially for those with an ostomy pouch. The size of train, bus and plane restroom cubicles can make emptying your bag difficult. We recommend having these ostomy supplies with you when traveling.

Control Ostomy Bag Odor

Odor eliminating liquids and deodorants can make you feel comfortable knowing that your bag won’t be letting off any unpleasant odors. You can use the product anytime you empty your bag.

Ostomy Bag Fluid Management

These tablets turn the contents of your bag into a gel-like substance which makes it far easier to clean up and reduces the risk of leaks.

Ostomy Bag Liners

Removing a full bag liner is far quicker than emptying and cleaning or replacing a whole bag. Ostomy bag liners are a more sanitary way of making traveling with an ostomy bag trouble-free.

If you would like to order our colostomy bag liners, you can do so via our online shop. You can also browse our full range of ostomy supplies here. Make sure your colostomy or ileostomy bag doesn’t stop you from enjoying this holiday season.

Did you know most insurers cover Colo-Majic® bag liners? Colostomy bag liners can be used year round at no extra cost to you.