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If you are a new customer and have never tried our colostomy bag liners, we are happy to send you free samples to test our product before you purchase it. Our sample kit of ostomy bag liners contain multiple sizes, so you can be sure that the size you order works best for you.

Over the years, we’ve heard from hundreds of happy customers that have seen an improvement in their quality of life thanks to Colo-Majic® Liners. Adding liners to your ostomy bag means that you’ll be able to spend less time cleaning and changing your bag and more time doing the things you love. You’ll find how easy it is to remove the ostomy bag liner, flush it away and replace with a new one. People who love to travel, find that since switching to Colo-Majic® Liners, they can pack much lighter. Using liners means you get through far fewer ostomy bags.

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