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Overcoming Ostomy Bag Stigma

Ostomy stigma

Overcoming Ostomy Bag Stigma Adapting to life with an ostomy, ileostomy or colostomy bag can be hard enough without having to fear judgement from others. Many people worry about getting judged in certain scenarios, or sadly, may have faced questions from people who don’t understand what it is like living with a colostomy bag. These are some of those common […]

Can I Play Sports With An Ostomy Bag?

Photo credit: Christopher Burns

Can I Play Sports With An Ostomy Bag? Many people with a new stoma fear that playing sport with a colostomy bag isn’t possible – but it is! Once your doctor or surgeon has given you the go-ahead to begin exercise again, you can enjoy any sport you wish to. Your approach to playing sport may need to be adjusted […]