Will My Insurance Cover Colo-Majic® Liners?

The prospect of buying a new colostomy product can be a daunting one but did you know many insurers cover the cost of Colo-Majic®’s ostomy pouch liners?

In both Canada and the USA, many health insurance companies cover the cost of our products. In fact, many insurers would be delighted to cover it, as they know that by using pouch liners, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars in colostomy bags. When you begin using Colo-Majic® liners, you will realize how many fewer colostomy bags you need to go through, saving you (and your insurance company) time and money.

You can find the list of health insurance companies that we know cover Colo-Majic® ostomy bag liners here. We are sure there are many more so be sure to check with your existing insurer too. If your insurer covers the products and isn’t already on our list, we’d love to hear about it so that we can update our list for fellow colostomy bag users. You can let us know here.

We know that some insurers, such as AETNA in Connecticut, will only cover the products with a nurse’s letter. If your nurse requires more information on the products, you can direct them to the nurse’s section of our website where they can find all the information they need to supply you with your approval letter.

Whether your insurer covers the product or not, did you know, when you purchase these liners, we guarantee satisfaction. If you are unsure whether our ostomy bag liners are for you, you can request a free sample today.