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How to Keep Colostomy Bag from Coming Off

A colostomy bag gives you the confidence to embrace colostomy. However, the secure attachment of the bag is necessary for comfort and confidence. If you are sure enough that your colostomy pouch is perfectly and securely attached to your stoma, you can do any strenuous activity without any fear. On the other hand, even though output leaking spoils not just your confidence but can result in a dreadful situation.

This article will reveal all those useful tips and tricks that will guide you on how to keep a colostomy bag from coming off. Also we will share some causes of output leakage and how one can prevent it. Here it started!


It’s the situation when the content of your colostomy pouch starts leaking out from the opening of your bag. This is one of the dreadful situations that messes up everything your clothes and even your confidence. Some individuals who face frequent output leakage cannot enjoy their day-to-day activities with full joy. So for such individuals, a colostomy bag is a big burden. But by preventing the culprit reason of output leakage you can easily enjoy your life with colostomy.

Here are some of the possible reasons for colostomy content leakage.

  • When the skin around the stoma is not even output leakage occurs. Uneven skin leads to improper sitting off the base plate.
  • Change in stoma size and shape that usually shrinks as it begins to heal.
  • Ballooning is also one of the most important causes of output leakage. It is the process in which a bag fills with air and causes the bag to fall off.
  • Pan caking is also responsible for output leakage. Pan caking is a phenomenon in which the sides of the pouch stick together due to air vacuum in the pouch. The output can’t reach the bottom of the bag and sits around the stoma site.

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One of the key factors in preventing your colostomy bag from coming off is understanding the colostomy bag adhesion. You must know the factors that contribute to the adhesion of the colostomy bag. Here are some important factors that are responsible for giving secure adhesion to a colostomy bag.

Skin health:

Skin health is really very crucial for a perfect colostomy bag fit. There should not be any rash, irritation, or weeping of the skin. Always make sure that the skin around the stoma is in optimal condition. it should not be wet while applying the bag. Always cleanse the area gently with a mild, fragrance-free soap and warm water. For better adhesion, pat the skin completely dry.

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Proper fit:

Selecting the right size and type of colostomy bag is crucial. A proper fit ensures a snug and secure attachment. A proper type of colostomy pouching system will be helpful for you to manage. Consult with your healthcare professional to find the most suitable bag for your stoma size and shape. As every stoma is unique and every person has a different stoma. Always choose a bag that has a wafer, a skin barrier wafer, and a pouch with a gas-releasing valve. The wafer and skin barrier wafer will give perfect and proper adhesion around the stoma and prevent even minor leaks.

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Quality products:

Invest in high-quality colostomy bags with reliable adhesives. Quality products contribute significantly to the longevity and security of the attachment. Explore different brands and types to find the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.


This is one of the most frequently asked questions that if left unanswered leads to a serious embarrassing situation. Well to be honest there isn’t any one-line answer to this question. Certain modifications in your colostomy care routine followed by the right colostomy product can help you get rid of this dreadful situation.

Here are some useful and practical tips that help you prevent colostomy bag leakage.

Choose the appropriate colostomy product:

Always make sure you’re using the correct ostomy supplies that match your body and stoma. Use the right size and type of skin barrier (also called a wafer) to stick well and protect your skin from irritation and leaks. Remember, the right size and type of wafer can make a huge difference in your daily colostomy routine.

Also, choose a stoma bag with a gas-releasing valve or filter, as this will prevent the ballooning of your pouch.

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Keep measuring the size of your stoma:

Stoma size changes with time. It shrinks as it moves toward the healing process. It usually happens a few weeks after surgery. So the bottom line is, you cannot use the same size of skin barrier throughout your colostomy life. You need to change it with time. An imperfect fitting of the skin barrier leads to stomal output leakage. Therefore, you should measure your stoma size from time to time to have a snug-fit skin barrier. Snug-fit skin barrier not only prevents stomal output leakage but also protects your skin from irritation and inflammation.

Keep your peristomal skin dry:

When you change your ostomy wafer, make sure your skin around the stoma is clean. It’s important not to leave any dirt or stuff that might stop the wafer from sticking well to your skin.

If you decide to wipe your skin with a wet cloth, make sure it’s completely dry before putting on the new skin barrier. If your skin is wet, the sticky tape won’t work well, and your ostomy might leak.

Don’t use rough towels or paper because they can hurt your soft and delicate skin. It’s better to use a special disposable cloth made for stomas. It’s soft and strong, and it won’t irritate your skin while making it completely dry.

Empty your bag timely:

Unless you enjoy taking chances and risking your ostomy bag leaking, it’s best to empty it when it’s about one-third to half full.

If you wait too long, the bag might break. Also, as it gets heavier and gravity pulls it down, it can loosen the sticky part that keeps it on your skin, and stuff might start coming out.

Use lubricant drops:

Pan caking is one of the frustrating problems that ostomates face. But don’t worry, we can fix this issue easily!

To get rid of this problem it is advisable to use lubricant drops or sprays inside your pouch. This helps your stool slide down to the bottom. Just remember to put more on whenever you empty your pouch.

Also, try some simple changes in your daily life to make your stool softer. Drink enough water every day to stay hydrated

Use specialized belts:

When exercising or doing any strenuous activity it is advisable to use a specialized ostomy belt. This will confine your bag to one place and prevent it from moving aggressively in times of physical exercise. Not only this, it also reduces the risk of leakage. So if you are an enthusiastic sportsman you should use ostomy belts to avoid dreadful and embarrassing situations.

Stay away from gassy foods:

Having too much gas in your ostomy bag can make it break or come off from the baseplate. Gas production in the digestive system is a normal process you cannot get rid of it but yes you can avoid some foods that cause flatulence such as beans, green vegetables, and milk products.

You can also let some air out of your stoma bag from time to time. This will reduce the pressure and keep the bag from coming off.

It is better to use bags with specialized gas valves and filters to avoid ballooning.


Embracing life with a colostomy becomes significantly easier when you have confidence in the secure attachment of your colostomy bag. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your pouch is firmly in place allows you to engage in strenuous activities without fear. On the contrary, the mere thought of a potential leakage not only undermines your confidence but could lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. Embracing a proactive approach to colostomy care not only safeguards against leakage but also ensures a more comfortable and confident experience in navigating everyday life with a colostomy.

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