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Life challenges may shift our paths, but they cannot quench our spirit. For those who have undergone colostomy surgery, their journey is not defined by obstacles, but by triumphs. Ostomy pouches can easily and seamlessly fit into your lifestyle without any hassle. But changing and replacing ostomy pouches daily becomes a big hassle, especially in terms of money. Here come Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners – that have redefined comfort and offer superior protection to millions of ostomates around you.

Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners are a simple bag that is placed inside your ostomy pouch. They are used to collect ostomy output while preventing the interior of your ostomy pouch from getting soiled. Initially, it was used by colostomates who use a two-piece closed-end pouching system but now ileostomers are also using it.

People are increasingly using Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners because they make pouch emptying a breeze, as the liner can be removed from the pouch and discarded with a simple flush.  Additionally, utilizing Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners can lead to reduced expenses associated with your overall pouching system, as liners are significantly more affordable compared to ostomy pouches.


WHY SHOULD YOU USE Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners?

People who are struggling with an ostomy can understand how precious and useful Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners could be for them, in terms of cost and cleanliness. Here are some of the benefits that one can enjoy while using Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners.


Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners offer a more budget friendly approach to maintaining your pouching system. Instead of changing your closed end pouch for a new one, you just simply change the Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liner, which would be a significantly more cost-effective option. Usually, a closed-end pouch comes with a price tag of between $3.35 to $5, whereas liners come with a price tag of around 40¢ per unit. What savings!

Easy to clean:

Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners are completely biodegradable and flushable. This means you can easily discard the soiled liner into the toilet without making any mess. No need to interrupt your activities to change the pouching system; just change the liner which takes around 1 to 2 minutes.


You have a choice between three liner sizes designed for the following coupling mechanism – Small for 1 ¼ – 1¾” (32-45mm) Medium for 1¾- 2¼” (57-70mm) and Large for 2¼-2¾” (57-70mm) systems.

HOW TO USE Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners

Using Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners is a straightforward process and doesn’t require any other help. You can easily do it on your own. Here’s a simple guide on how to use ostomy liners effectively (please note more detailed instructions are include in each box):

  1. Before starting:

First make sure you have a clean and dry working area. Also, wash your hands thoroughly with soap to avoid any spread of infection.

  1. Inserting the Liner:

Hold the liner in one hand and gently scrunch it to help shape it. Now open your clean pouch and place the scrunched liner inside it. Ensure the liner sits comfortably at the bottom of the pouch.

  1. Expanding the Liner:

Now using your fingers gently spread and expand the liner within the pouch. This step will ensure the proper fit of the liner into the pouch. If a liner fits properly, it can perfectly accommodate the output.

  1. Positioning the Liner:

Lay the opening of the liner across the coupling mechanism (the part that attaches to your stoma). Ensure it’s properly aligned for a secure fit.

  1. Attaching the Pouch:

At this point, snap the pouch onto your skin barrier (flange). Just make sure the liner overlaps slightly outside the pouch’s edge. Also, the liner should be properly trapped within the coupling mechanism for a secure fit.

Now you are ready to enjoy your daily activities with full confidence that your liner is in place securely.

HOW TO REMOVE AND REPLACE Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Colostomy Liners:

Wearing an ostomy pouch with Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners is one of the most comfortable and pleasant experiences for an ostomate. You can easily be involved in your day-to-day activity but remember, these liners have to be replaced once they get one third full. Yes, don’t wait for the liners to fill. The right time is when the pouch is about one third full, it’s– time to remove the liner. How you can do this, here it is:

  1. Removing:

Gently detach the pouch from your skin barrier (flange). Now gather the top of the liner, lift it, and grab a corner to remove it from the pouch. Now dispose of the liner down in the toilet.

  1. Replacing with a New Liner:

Once you have disposed of the liner, it’s time to replace it with a new one by following the above-mentioned steps. With a little practice using and removing Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners will become an integral part of your daily routine.

Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners are environmentally friendly and loved by those ostomates who hate to empty their pouch. Managing your ostomy pouch will surely become a breeze with Colo-Majic® Biodegradable Ostomy Liners.

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