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Tips for Making Ostomy Bag Changes Easier

Living with an ostomy can be a difficult and stressful, when it comes to emptying your pouch anywhere, other than the privacy  of your own bathroom. Using our Colo-Majic Liners with our NEW FREEDOM POUCH makes this process a breeze.

ostomy bag

If you are a new ostomate, or if you have had your ostomy for a while, and are still struggling with emptying your pouch when out in public, you have to try your FREEDOM POUCH and LINERS.

The main issue with emptying any ostomy pouch is the ODOR, messy clean up and disposal of the used pouch. These problems are all eliminated when using Colo-Majic liner and pouch.

First, there is very little odour when emptying your pouch, as all waste material is contained within the liner. There for no exposure of waste material to surrounding environment. Just start the flush of the toilet and drop the liner down the middle of the swirling water. It’s just that easy.

Second, no messy clean up, as everything is in the liner and not the pouch. There for no need to take along extra supplies (i.e.) pouches, air freshener, plastic zip lock bags to dispose of used pouch etc.. All you need, is a few extra liners you can carry in your shirt pocket, or in your purse. This makes it easier to empty your pouch where ever you are, helps to reduce pouch odour, as there is no need to be walking around with anything but a fresh liner in you pouch. An empty pouch has no odour.

Third is the cost savings. The liners are less than .50 cents each, compared to the average pouch cost of $ 3.25 and up depending on type of pouch you are using and where you are buying them. Over a 12-month period, the savings could be in the thousands of dollars, depending on how often you empty you pouch per day and cost of the pouch.

Last, but not least, you are helping to save the environment by cutting down on the amount of plastic going into landfills by being able to reuse the same pouch numerous times. In addition, all our liners are 100 percent Biodegradable.

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