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How to Use Non-Lubricating Deodorant for Ostomy Pouches

After the ostomy, the ostomate’s top priority would be those products that help him to get rid of that unpleasant smell of ostomy output. Of course, everyone wants to hang out with friends without worrying about odor or pouch leakage. and fear of pouch odor and pouch leakage will make them conscious throughout the gathering.

Deodorants are indeed the game changer when you want to get rid of that stingy smell. A lot of people prefer using lubricating deodorant as it can help to control odor and emptying of the pouch. However, some people prefer using non-lubricating deodorant as it sometimes affects the seals and causes output leakage.

Nonlubricating deodorants are quite effective in neutralizing the odor. As the name indicates, they do not have lubricating properties.

In this short article, we will ponder some lights on non-lubricating deodorants and how to use non-lubricating deodorants for ostomy pouches

What is an ostomy pouch:

An ostomy pouch is a medical device used by individuals who have undergone surgery that creates an artificial opening on the abdomen known as a stoma. This procedure is typically performed to redirect waste from either the intestines or the bladder. There are different types of ostomy pouches tailored to specific medical conditions:

  1. Colostomy Pouch: Designed for patients who have had colostomy surgery, often due to conditions like colon cancer or to aid in healing from infections. Its primary function is to contain and manage stool discharged through the stoma.
  2. Ileostomy Pouch: Specifically made for patients who have undergone surgery where a portion of the small intestine is redirected to the abdominal stoma. The ileostomy pouch is used to collect digestive waste, including bile and enzymes.
  3. Urostomy Pouch: This system is designed for individuals whose bladder function has been compromised. The urostomy pouch collects urine directly from the stoma.

All three mentioned pouching systems are not only lifesaving but also help in maintaining the health and well-being of ostomates after surgery.

Though the site of stoma formation is different in all three procedures, however, there is one similar challenge that has to be faced and managed by every ostomate which is odor management.

Since the ostomy pouch contains body waste in the form of urine or stool it is obvious that it produces an unpleasant odor that could be bothersome also, especially in social gatherings. For ostomates, it is one of the biggest challenges to manage ostomy odor. For this purpose, ostomates prefer using non-lubricating deodorants.

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What is non-Lubricating Deodorant?

Non-lubricating deodorants are specially formulated products designed to neutralize odors in ostomy pouches without compromising the adhesive seal or causing leaks. Unlike lubricating deodorants which may contain oils or other substances that can affect the seal of the pouch, non-lubricating deodorants are water-based formulations that are designed to be compatible with every type of ostomy pouch material. They typically come in liquid form and are applied directly into the pouch to control odor effectively.

How non lubricating deodorant works:

Non-lubricating deodorant possesses odor-neutralizing properties.

These deodorants contain specialized ingredients that react with the gases in urine and stool and neutralize odors within the pouch. They also break down the odor-causing bacteria and compounds and reduce their potency. By doing so, these deodorants uplift the confidence of ostomates and their self-esteem.

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Benefits of Using Non-lubricating Deodorant:

The benefits of using nonlubricating deodorant for ostomy pouches are numerous. Firstly, it significantly reduces odor, which is a top concern for ostomy patients. The ability to neutralize odors allows individuals to feel more confident and less self-conscious in social and intimate situations.

Secondly, non-lubricating deodorants prevent leaks and ensure secure attachment by not interfering with the adhesive seal of the pouch, unlike lubricating deodorants.

Thirdly, by reducing odor, these deodorants enhance overall comfort, promoting a sense of cleanliness and well-being.

How to Use Non-lubricating Deodorant on Ostomy Pouch:

Non-lubricating deodorant can be used for all types of pouches be it drainable or closed pouches.

  1. Apply the pouch as you normally do.
  2. Shake the bottle of non-lubricating deodorant to make sure that the contents are well-mixed.
  3. Using the dropper within the deodorant, measure the recommended amount according to the product instruction which is 4 to 12 drops.
  4. Carefully insert the dropper or pour the measured deodorant into the ostomy pouch through the opening. Avoid touching the pouch opening to maintain cleanliness. Now close the pouch and enjoy the fragrant evenings with your friends.

Tips for Effective Usage:

To maximize the effectiveness of lubricating deodorant for ostomy pouches, consider the following tips:

Be Persistent: make it your habit to use non-lubricating deodorant in your daily ostomy care routine in order to maintain continuous odor control.

Be Vigilant: keep a strict check on the effectiveness of deodorant in controlling odor throughout the day. And adjust the amount accordingly.

Storage conditions: follow proper storage conditions as directed by the manufacturer. If proper storage conditions are not provided, the product may degrade over time and lose its effectiveness.

By incorporating these tips into your ostomy care routine, you can experience the full benefits of Non-lubricating deodorant enhancing comfort and confidence.


in conclusion, deodorants, whether lubricating or non-lubricating, play a vital role in the daily care routine of ostomates. Non-lubricating deodorant not only gives you peace of mind regarding odor control but also makes you relax from the worry of leaks. They give you confidence that you are smelling nice and sweet and one can interact socially without the worry of unpleasant odors. Apart from using non-lubricating deodorant, it’s also better to avoid food that causes smelly output such as garlic, cabbage, and asparagus. By combining the use of non-lubricating deodorants with mindful dietary practices, ostomates can enhance their comfort and ensure a more pleasant experience in their daily lives.

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