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What are Deodorizing Tablets

One of the attention-seeking tasks in ostomy care and management is that unpleasant smell that shakes your confidence and leaves you uncomfortable even in your comfort zone. To combat this issue, various products are available to ostomates, out of which deodorizing tablets play a crucial role. This amazing product works by neutralizing the odor thereby enhancing the quality of life. A single small tablet is far more powerful than other liquid or gel deodorants.

Deodorizing tablets sounds new to newbie ostomates. A lot of new ostomate thinks that deodorizing tablets is something that has to be taken orally.

That’s not the case, to be honest. Deodorizing tablets are small powerful tablets that are added to the ostomy pouch to neutralize the bad smell produced by the ostomy output.

This article delves into what deodorizing tablets are, how they work, their benefits, and considerations for their use in ostomy care. Let’s get started!

Deodorizing Tablets

Deodorizing tablets are specially formulated products designed to neutralize odor associated with ostomy pouch contents. It can be used for colostomy, and ileostomy but not for urostomy. The active ingredient in the tablet reacts with the ostomy output and neutralizes the odorous gases.

A lot of people prefer deodorizing tablets over liquid deodorant and the reason is, there are quite chances of mess while using liquid deodorant. The worst part is liquid deodorants leave stains on clothes. Whereas, deodorizing tablets are pretty easy to use. Just drop 1 or 2 tablets into the ostomy pouch and see the magic.

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How Do Deodorizing Tablets Work?

The working mechanism of deodorizing tablets revolves around their active ingredient which are often charcoal along with enzymes and other chemicals. These active agents react chemically with the gases produced by stool or urine in the ostomy pouch. Apart from this, it breaks down the volatile compounds responsible for odor and converts them into less odorous or odorless substances. Deodorizing tablets work best when the output is in liquid form.

Benefits of Using Deodorizing Tablets

  1. Odor Control: one of the prominent advantages of using deodorizing tablets is to control and neutralize the odors. Besides this, it enhances the overall quality of life. With deodorizing tablets, there won’t be any worry of embarrassment due to odor in social gatherings
  2. Easy to carry: unlike liquid deodorizers, which are bulky aerosols, deodorizing tablets come in sleek and pocket-sized containers that can be easily carried in a handbag without taking up lots of space.
  3. Ease of Use: Deodorizing tablets are generally easy to use and can be added directly into the ostomy pouch. They do not require extensive preparation or maintenance, making them convenient for daily use. Simply add 1 or 2 tablets inside the pouch with loose or liquid output.
  4. Long-lasting Effectiveness: Deodorizing tablets offer long-lasting odor control. This means extended hours of peace of mind throughout the day or night.

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Considerations for Using Deodorizing Tablets

While deodorizing tablets are beneficial for managing ostomy-related odor, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Compatibility with Pouch Material: Not every brand of deodorizing tablet is compatible with the material of pouch. Always make sure that the material of deodorizing tablets is compatible with the material of your pouch.
  2. Effectiveness: Some factors may influence the effectiveness of deodorizing tablets. This includes consistency of stoma output and diet. You need to monitor your food intake and the effectiveness of deodorizing tablets,

Tips for Using Deodorizing Tablets Effectively

To maximize the benefits of deodorizing tablets in ostomy care, consider the following tips:

  1. Follow the Instructions: Always read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the specific deodorizing tablets you are using.
  2. Storage conditions: Store deodorizing tablets in a cool and dry place as directed to maintain their effectiveness. If proper storage conditions are not provided, the product will lose its effectiveness and fail to perform its desired action.
  3. Monitor Odor Levels: Pay strict attention to odor levels and your diet. adjust your use of deodorizing tablets accordingly, especially during activities or times when odor control is crucial.
  4. Combine with Proper Ostomy Care: Deodorizing tablets work best when used in conjunction with proper ostomy care practices, including regular pouch changes and proper peristomal skin care.
  5. avoid odor-creating foods: one of the best approaches to control the bad smell of the ostomy pouch even after using a deodorizing tablet is to control food that may produce gas and odors such as cabbage, and garlic. Such food should be avoided completely.


Deodorizing tablets are really helpful for people with ostomies because they effectively control odors and help maintain a good quality of life. These tablets work by neutralizing odors in a way that makes ostomates feel more comfortable and confident in social situations. Along with using deodorizing tablets, it will be a good strategy to avoid foods that cause smelly output. Apart from this, emptying the pouch timely will also help to manage ostomy odor.

In short ostomy deodorizing tablets are the best solution to manage odor without staining and messing clothes like liquid deodorizer. It is a must-have product that should be there every time in your ostomy care supplies kit.

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