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How to Use Ostomy Barrier Rings

Life after ostomy surgery requires significant adjustment but if you have the right knowledge and use the right products and supplies then this adjustment would lead to a comfortable and confident life. When it comes to ostomy care accessories, ostomy barrier rings can never be left behind. Whether you’re new to using ostomy products or looking to improve your current routine, understanding how to use a barrier ring effectively can make a difference.

Ostomy barrier rings are designed to provide an extra layer of security and comfort, which will help you maintain a secure fit of the ostomy appliance around your stoma. Ostomy barrier rings give you the freedom to go about your day with peace of mind without any worry about leaks and skin irritations.

If you want to know what are barrier rings and how they are effective in providing comfort and security, then you have landed on to the right page. In this article, we will delve into every detail about ostomy barrier rings and how to use ostomy barrier rings. Let’s get started!

What are barrier rings?

An ostomy barrier ring is a pliable, ring-shaped device made from a hydrocolloid material. It is designed to be placed around the stoma to provide an effective seal between the stoma and the ostomy appliance. This seal helps to prevent leaks, protect the skin from irritation, and ensure the ostomy bag adheres securely. Since it’s a pliable device- like a play dough, this means you can easily shape it according to the shape and size of the stoma.

Barrier rings when come into contact with ostomy output, swells up. This swelling phenomenon of the barrier ring is used to provide effective protection for any skin part that is exposed.

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Benefits of Using an Ostomy Barrier Ring

  1. Leak Prevention: One of the primary benefits of using a barrier ring is to prevent leaks, which can be a common concern for ostomy patients. Barrier ring provides extra layer of protection by creating a secure seal around the stoma. This extra protection will help to keep the ostomy appliance securely in place. With a barrier ring, you can have greater peace of mind and confidence in your daily activities, knowing that your ostomy system is reliable and effective.
  2. Skin Protection: The barrier ring helps to protect the skin around the stoma from output, reducing the risk of irritation and infection. By forming a tight seal, it acts as a shield that prevents stoma output from coming into direct contact with the skin, which can be particularly sensitive and prone to breakdown. This protection is crucial, as constant exposure to moisture and enzymes in the output can lead to painful skin conditions, including redness, sores, and even infections. With the added barrier, you can maintain healthier skin and experience less discomfort.
  3. Comfort: Barrier rings add an extra layer of cushioning, making the ostomy appliance more comfortable to wear. This cushioning helps to absorb pressure and friction, which can occur from the appliance rubbing against the skin during movement. As a result, the risk of developing pressure sores or abrasions is significantly reduced. The softness and flexibility of the barrier ring conform to the body’s contours, providing a more personalized and comfortable fit.
  4. Improved Adhesion: By creating a secure seal, barrier rings can enhance the adhesion of the ostomy bag, reducing the need for frequent changes. This improved adhesion ensures that the ostomy bag stays firmly in place, even during physical activities or extended wear.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using an Ostomy Barrier Ring

  1. Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary supplies in your hand which include:

  • Ostomy barrier ring
  • Ostomy bag and flange
  • Skin barrier wipe
  • Clean, dry cloth or towel
  1. Clean and Dry the Stoma Area

First of all, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water. Clean the skin around your stoma with mild soap and water, then pat it dry with a clean towel. Ensure the area is completely dry before proceeding to ensure optimal adhesion of the barrier ring.

  1. Prepare the Barrier Ring

Remove the barrier ring from its packaging. Usually, they come in a plastic tray. Some barrier rings can be stretched or molded to fit around your stoma. If your barrier ring is not pre-sized, gently stretch or shape it to match the size of your stoma.

  1. Apply the Barrier Ring

Carefully place the prepared barrier ring around your stoma. Ensure that it fits snugly against the skin without any gaps. Press down gently to ensure it adheres well.

  1. Attach the Ostomy Appliance

Once the barrier ring is securely in place, attach the ostomy flange and bag as usual. Press the flange firmly against the barrier ring to create a secure seal. Make sure the bag is properly aligned and securely fastened.

  1. Check for Comfort and Security

After applying the ostomy bag, check for any discomfort or signs of leakage. Adjust as necessary to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. You should feel confident that your appliance is secure and that the barrier ring is providing the necessary protection.

Tips for Effective Use:

In order to gain maximum benefit from barrier rings, below mentioned are a few effective tips that will enhance your ostomy care routine,

  • Maintain hygiene:  Maintain proper hygiene level by frequently changing your barrier ring and ostomy appliance. It will also help prevent skin irritation.
  • Skin Care: Use a skin barrier wipe to create an additional protective layer on your skin before applying the barrier ring. This extra layer of protection helps to shield your skin from potential irritation and damage caused by the adhesive and output from the stoma. The barrier wipe forms a thin, breathable film that enhances the adhesion of the barrier ring and ostomy appliance, ensuring a more secure and comfortable fit
  • Avoid Stretching Too Much: don’t over-stretch the barrier ring as it will affect its functioning. Overstretching can cause the ring to lose its shape and integrity, resulting in a less secure seal around the stoma. This can lead to leaks, skin irritation, and discomfort, opposing the benefits of using the barrier ring.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues
  • If you notice output leakage, make sure that the barrier ring is properly sealed. There should not be any gap between the ring and the skin.
  • If you experience any kind of skin irritation in peristomal skin, make sure that the area around your stoma should be completely dry before applying the barrier ring.
  • Since barrier rings are made up of hydrocolloid material they often melt or sometimes break down if you wear them for an extended period of time. The hydrocolloid material that provides the protective seal can soften and lose its effectiveness under such conditions. Some brands break down sooner than others, so it’s best to sample a few to find the one that works best for your lifestyle and skin type.


Ostomy barrier rings are highly effective and useful products that can greatly improve the quality and security of your ostomy appliance. This amazing product not only prevents output leakage but also protects the peristomal skin from different infections. Ostomy barrier rings are really very easy to apply by following above mentioned steps a new ostomate can easily wear barrier ring without any hassle. Remember, proper use and regular maintenance are key to preventing leaks and maintaining healthy skin around your stoma.

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