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Where Can I Buy Colostomy Supplies?

In order to embrace colostomy with full potential you will regularly need different colostomy supplies like lubricating deodorant, stoma caps along with high quality colostomy bags. These all things must be available 24 by 7. Initially, your surgeon will arrange all these supplies for you but once you get discharged and arrive at your home, you will have to arrange colostomy and other supplies all by your means.

Ostomates often get concerned about buying high quality and cost-effective colostomy bags and their supplies but they fail to achieve what they want. This is because people do not have complete information about from, they can buy colostomy supplies.

If you are one of those who is worried about buying superior quality colostomy supplies, then you have landed on the right page. This article will discuss all those possible sources that can help you buy a colostomy bag and its supplies.

So let’s move towards the topic:

Colostomy bag and colostomy supplies:

Colostomy bags are innovative medical devices that serve a purpose to hold your poop during colostomy. The reason for attaching this bag is diversion of stool pathway. Fecal matter instead of exiting the body through the rectum, it exits the body through a stoma that is a newly formed opening on the abdomen that is created by bringing out a portion of large intestine towards the abdomen.

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Types of colostomy pouching system:

Colostomy bags come in two primary designs: open-ended and closed-ended, each serving different needs and preferences for ostomates.

Open-ended pouches, also known as drainable bags, are equipped with an opening that requires a closing device, typically a clamp or tail clip. These pouches remain attached to the body during emptying sessions, providing convenience for individuals who require frequent or irregular emptying. This design offers flexibility and ease of use, allowing users to manage their ostomy efficiently.

On the other hand, closed-end pouches are sealed at the bottom, eliminating the need for a closing device. This design is preferred by ostomates who have regular elimination patterns or those who utilize irrigation methods. Closed-end pouches are typically disposed of after a single use, offering a hygienic and hassle-free solution for individuals with predictable bowel movements.

Two piece pouching system: such system consist of a flange which is wafer or skin barrier to which colostomy pouch is attach. When you have to change the colostomy bag, you simply remove the pouch and replace it with new while keeping the skin barrier attached to the skin

One piece pouching system: the wafer and pouch attached to each other as a single unit. You will have to change the entire colostomy pouching system that is skin barrier plus pouch when you need to change the bag.

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Adhesive removers: This colostomy accessory is really very helpful in removing residues of wafers or tapes that may remain on skin after removing skin barriers.

Convex inserts: They are specially designed plastic disc that are used on two-piece pouching system to give convexity to a pouching system.

Skin barriers pastes: If there is any kind of irregularity in the peristomal skin, then these materials are used to fill space between the stoma and peristomal skin and the pouching systems wafer.

Ostomy belts: Ostomy belts are helpful to support the pouch and helps maintaining an adequate seal when using with convex skin barrier.

Pouch covers: These are specially designed pouch covers that easily fit over the colostomy pouch and give complete protection to the pouching system.

Skin barrier liquid and powders: When the peristomal skin is irritated or moist these products are the life saver. They help in healing of the peristomal skin.

Deodorant:  Colostomy deodorant is one of the wonderful colostomy supplies that neutralizes the odor-producing chemicals inside the pouch. They also come along with lubricating property that helps ease the emptying of the pouch by lubricating the inside of colostomy pouch.

Where can I buy colostomy supplies:

After surgery, you’ll leave the hospital with a specific brand of ostomy gear, like a pouching system. Many sticks with this brand happily, but there are others out there. Sometimes, you might need custom-fitted products, especially the wafer, to fit your unique situation. You can get these supplies from medical supply companies, pharmacies, or online. The goal is finding what works best for you, whether it’s sticking with the initial brand or exploring other options for comfort and fit.

Medical surgical supply house:

These companies are experts in selling various medical supplies, colostomy bag and other accessories. If they specialize in colostomy products, they often provide specialized services like having ostomy nurses on staff, offering product recommendations, troubleshooting advice, and keeping a stock of ostomy supplies. They can also order specific items if needed. Typically, you buy products by visiting their store, where you can get personalized assistance and find everything you need for your colostomy care.

Mail order companies:

These companies operate nationally, much like mail-order catalogs. Once you receive their catalog, you can place orders via phone, mail, or online. Because they sell a large volume of supplies, they often offer discounted prices. Additionally, they may have ostomy experts available for consultation to help you find the right products for your needs. This convenient and cost-effective option allows you to access a wide range of ostomy supplies from the comfort of your home.


Big pharmacies may not order special medical supplies anymore this is due to the presence of medical surgical houses. But yes, small independent pharmacy still offers colostomy supplies that focus on the personalized care to meet your needs.


Colostomy bags and supplies are readily accessible online. Among the prominent platforms, Colomajic stands out as a top destination for purchasing colostomy bags. Renowned for its comprehensive range of ostomy products, Colomajic offers everything you need under one roof. From colostomy bags to accessories, you’ll find it all on their user-friendly website.

What sets Colomajic apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. With reliable delivery services, you can trust that your orders will arrive promptly, ensuring continuity in your ostomy care routine. Moreover, Colomajic prioritizes affordability, providing economical prices without compromising on quality.

By choosing Colomajic, ostomates can enjoy the convenience of a one-stop shop, timely deliveries, and budget-friendly prices, making it the preferred choice for purchasing colostomy supplies online.


Accepting life with a colostomy requires access to essential supplies like colostomy bags, deodorants, and skin barriers. While your surgeon may provide initial supplies, arranging them post-discharge is vital. But fret not! There are numerous ways to cater to your needs. From local pharmacies to specialized medical supply houses, choices are abundant. Mail-order companies offer convenience and discounts, with expert advice just a call away. Independent pharmacies prioritize personalized care, while online platforms like Colomajic provide a comprehensive range at economical prices. So, whether you prioritize comfort, convenience, or affordability, be assured that the perfect supplies are within reach, they are just a click away.

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